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Spatula Sticks

Spatula Sticks

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These spatula are a fantastic way to make the most of any products that you purchase as you run towards the end of the bottle. No longer do you have to try and tap, bang and shake the product out, or do away with the last that is inside the bottle you had brought because the product is no longer easily accessible. 

Finally, a really practical easy way to access and make use of all of the product you have purchased! These sticks come in a range of sizes, or a set of 4. No matter what the bottle size or shape, these can help assist you to access every last bit of product you can.  

These also work really well for mixing small amounts of product, and for any of your craft of gluing needs. 


Material: Food Grade Silicone 

Size: see below for variations… 

Small: 17cm (L) x 0.8cm (spatula width) x 0.4cm (handle diameter) /  7 grams 

Medium: 23.5cm (L) x 1cm (spatula width) x 0.4cm (handle diameter) / 17 grams 

Large: 30.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (spatula width) / 0.5cm (handle diameter) / 23 grams 

Weight: 7 — 23 grams each (72 grams - S, M, L, L) 

Package includes: Chosen set of sticks 


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