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Bracing — Wrist + Thumb Supports

Bracing — Wrist + Thumb Supports

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This wrist and thumb brace offers gentle mild support and stabilisation to the wrist and thumb joint to help offer support to relieve pain and discomfort. Able to be used on either the left or right wrist, this is the first brace that we have come across that allows the wrist support without restricting movement, and also helps to hold the thumb in a natural and aligned position.  

A great brace for people with joint instability, arthritis, or a recovering RSI injury. This brace has also shown to help support those who undertake repetitive tasks such as phone or computer use, admin + office work, writing, sewing, & crafts, including sports or hobbies that use your hand a lot for extended periods of time. 

This brace can be used as a liner to go under another brace you are wearing to make it more comfortable, and protect skin integrity with its gentle compression, sweat wicking, and light weight breathable features. 


Great for those with:
- Arthritis    
- Joint Instability, and/or hyper-mobility
- Those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome (EDS) 
- Repetitive Strain Injury (RSI)     
- Injury to the TFCC or CMC joint     
- Using as sleeve or liner for another brace    
- Those on computers or phones for lengths of time   
- For sports, crafts and hobbies using hands
a lot    

- Thin, and light weight, breathable.   
- Quick dry brace that wicks sweat.    
- Gentle compression to relieve pain and discomfort.   
- Easy to put on and take off.
- Hold its shape well over time.  
- Can even be used on either the left or right hand.     
- Protect skin integrity.      
Comfortable to wear.     
- Can be used daily for as long as it’s needed 


Bonus: These can be used while you’re in the water. Please remove them to dry throughly after. A second one could be purchased to alternate while one dries.  



Material: Nylon and Spandex  

Size: Please see below… 

Small: Wrist circumference 14 - 17cm )diameter)

Medium: Wrist circumference 17 - 21cm (diameter)

Weight: 20 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Wrist Brace 

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