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IV Fluids Bag Cover 500ml

IV Fluids Bag Cover 500ml

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Our 500 IV fluid bag covers have been designed to cover your bag of IV fluids, or other IV infusions to add some of your own funk and personality to it, while it also allows you to further de-medicalise necessary medical interventions, and make them a bit more fun.

The covers are great option for kids and adults alike. They can be used in hispital, at home and in the wider community or at events. They can also help to reduce the impact of those who deal with medical PTSD, and can also help to hide it is for the person themselves, as well as others. Reduce the burden of peoples questions, and get on with living the life you want to!

These covers have been designed as easy to use, with easy open zips with finger pull tabs, and options for plastic snaps or magnetic clips. A variety of fabric and material is available in different colours, patterns and styles, as well as type of material, and linings too.

Note: These are in their final testing phases and the full design will be released once it’s completed. In the meantime, this is one of our earlier designs. Please sign up for more information to stay in the loop for when these go live. If you would like to give feedback and test this product, then please send us an email! 

Material: 100 % Cotton  



Package Includes: 1x 500ml Fluid Bag Cover


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