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Large Capacity Cup With Lid + Straw

Large Capacity Cup With Lid + Straw

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A 500ml large capacity glass mug with a fitted lid and a straw all ready to go! Big enough to keep you going without the need for frequent refills, the contents inside the cup are also kept safe with the fitted lid. No insects, bugs, or dust landing in your drink with this!

Stunning to look at, with a good hand feel, the cup is so lovely to use. It has worked well for people who need a straw set at an exact stabilised angle to be able to safely, easily or independently drink on their own. It stays in the same place it was left, so for those who can’t move easily and use the straw to access the liquid, the bonus with this cup is that the straw can’t/won’t flip around the cup while you try to secure it with your mouth to be able to drink from the straw. 

Available with a navy blue lid, or beige. 


Material: Glass + Silicone + ABS Plastic 

Size: 500ml — 15.5cm (H) x 9cm (W) 

Weight: 220 grams 

Package includes: 1x 500ml cup with lid + straw 

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