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Narrow Long Hot Water Bottle

Narrow Long Hot Water Bottle

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Finally! A snuggly hot water bottle that is thinner and longer than regular hot water bottles AND comes with a strap to tie both ends together to be able to transform it into a hands free hot water bottle as well! 

Wear it around your neck, across your shoulders, down your spine, across your pelvis or between your lower legs to warm them up after jumping into bed! 

The plush cover on this hot water bottle is so soft to the touch, you’ll want to just snuggle up and be warm!

Super popular, they allow you the heat and relief you have needed, and still be able to get on with your day just by tying it into place exactly where you needed it! 

2 Litre capacity, perfect for pain relief or a cool night!


Material: Rubber, Polyester, Acrylic 

Size: 72cm x 12cm — Capacity is 2 litres total. 

Weight: 354 grams 

Package includes: 1x hot water bottle with cover 

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