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Razor Extension Handle

Razor Extension Handle

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If shaving your legs has been a difficult challenge for you, it need be no more! After lots of work, we have found a fantastic razor extension handle that will allow your favourite razor to be strapped into place, and as you extend and lock the handle to the length needed for you, you can finally reach to shave easier again!

Whether you have had a back injury, or fusion, if you have instability, or issues with your blood pressure in the shower, issues with your shoulders, or a hip that stops you from being able to bend to shave, or any other number of conditions, illnesses or disabilities. 

Once you have showered and shaved, simply unstrap your razor from the handle by releasing the Velcro, and by twisting the arm, you can reduce the reach and extension of the handle to make it compact again and ready for the next time you’d like to shave again. 


Material: Metal, Velcro, foam, mixed media 

Size: 34cm (L) x 3cm (Diameter) 

Weight: 110 grams 

Package includes: 1x Razor Extension Handle 

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