Who we are
Kylee & Co is a co-op for all things accessible! Founded by Kylee Black with a small group of her peers, Kylee & Co is by the disability community, for any. An organisation that promotes accessible products for every day solutions, Kylee & Co seeks to create opportunities for vendors and customers alike.
Disability doesn’t have to be boring – and by designing, and selling products we want to show that accessibility can be functional, fashionable and fun at the same time – but that accessibility works for everyone, and it just makes sense!
We aim to EMPOWER the lives of others, to ENCOURAGE everyone to do better for themselves and those around them, to EDUCATE and EQUIP the world with creative solutions to common medical adaptations.


Where we are now
Kylee & Co is one platform where people can come to find all things accessible. 
There are three brands which fall under the Kylee & Co umbrella; Spirit Sparkplugs, Splash Quilting, and Kylee Black Public Speaker.
We have our very own brand and range of products, under Spirit Sparkplugs, giving people options, and providing accessible products for everyday solutions. Splash Quilting has its own range of quilts, handmade dolls, and baby gear — handmade here in New Zealand. The Kylee Black brand encapsulates what Kylee is passionate about: public speaking, advocacy, and consulting.
Kylee & Co are also the sole suppliers of Avanos products in New Zealand.


Where we are heading
In the near future we are expanding to host vendors, including individuals who have items they are wanting to sell and barriers to employment, creating them a platform to sell and connecting them to the wider community. Though also brands that are selling handmade items for disability and medical conditions to help to further elevate and create accessibility for all to find these items more easily. 
We will have a range of opportunities we are able to provide for our community with work and employment, as well as opportunities for a stepping stone towards work or self employment via mentorship and internship — for those not yet ready or sure about work.
Spirit Sparkplugs is expanding to have its very own line of locally designed and made range of products such as ostomy bag covers, gastric drainage bag covers, surgical caps, tubie pads etc. It will also have a line of products for medical professionals — you asked, we deliver. Keep an eye out! 



What and who we are for
For us now 
For those who want to make and sell things
For mentoring 
For employment opportunities 
For business opportunities 
For finding things — how do you know you look for something you don’t know even exists? 
For medical professionals
For customers and their families, friends, loved ones 
For customers who want to support people trying to achieve a different outcome 
For breaking down barriers
For seeing that there is always hope and anything is possible 
To show we can demedicalize things and destigmatize things 
To show that accessible works for everyone…. And it just makes sense!!