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Bed Sheet Secure

Bed Sheet Secure

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If you find that your bottom sheets always come off or get tangled and caught up as you sleep, using these clips can help hold and support the bottom sheet to stay in place, and to stay flat and in place. It can make a huge difference, especially if you or someone you love has sensory issues, or wakes in every morning with their sheets all over the bed, no longer in place.

Made with food grade plastic, these clips are strong, tough and durable. They come in a set of 12 so that you can space the clips around the bed, and on each side of your mattress. Using these can help to keep your bottom sheet in place more easily and will keep your bed nicer for longer. This is especially beneficial if someone spends a lot of time in bed, or isn’t able to remake their bed themselves if it starts to come apart. 

Alternative uses: 

➡️ These clips can be used for closing and sealing bags of food such as frozen vegetables, crisps, etc 

➡️ They can be used in place of a washing peg for clothing that you want or need to hang on the line. 

Note: These clips will work with mattresses that have raised sewn edges, usually spring form type beds. They won’t work with a mattress that has soft sides. 

Note: Also available in other colours, please enquire.

Image Description: A grey and hollow plastic tube with an opening down one side, enabling you to slide the side mattress seam with the sheet over it into the hollow of the tube. This will help to secure your sheets onto your bed, keeping them stay in place more easily. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 6.5cm (L) x 1.5cm (W) 

Weight: 6 grams per clip (72 grams total) 

Package includes: 12 Bed Sheet Clips 


To use these clips: Please fit your bottom sheet to your mattress. Straighten the sheet out fully, and tort. Arrange the clips and space them out so that there is two clips on each side of the bed. If it’s just the sides that you find tend to bunch up, you can place extra clip down each side instead. (Either 3x clips on both side + 3x top and 3x bottom OR 4x each side, + 2x top, 2x bottom). Slide the clips into place and guide the mattress seam into the open space inside the clip. This will help to lock the sheet into place and avoid the sheets from being able to pull out or come apart anymore. It will keep your bed made nicely for longer. 

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