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Silicone Gel Wrist Thumb Support

Silicone Gel Wrist Thumb Support

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This silicone wrist and thumb glove provides gentle compression to your wrist and thumb joint and can offer relief and support to tired, sore + weary wrists.

Made of silicone, these gloves stretch to fit a wide range of hand sizes. The glove has no annoying seams, is easily washable, lightweight, compact and easy to store with you as it may be needed.  

This glove can be used for the following ailments: 

— Arthritis

— Carpel Tubnel Syndrome 

— Tenosynovitis

— Muscle spasms and cramps 

— Ehlers Danlos Syndrome

— Wrist and thumb compression and support 

— Injuries, subluxations and dislocations 

— Muscle inflammation, pain, and fatigue 

— Sports protection and treating sport injuries 

— Feedback to the brain for sensory input/information   

The gentle compression of these offers support and relief for wrist pain, fatigue and supports hand use.  


Material: Silicone  

Size: 13cm (L) x 7cm (W)

To fit: For wrist circumference size of 15 — 18cm 

Weight: 30 grams

Package includes: 1x Silicone Glove (single glove) 



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