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7 Day Pill Box — 2x Day — Super Sized Jumbo Box

7 Day Pill Box — 2x Day — Super Sized Jumbo Box

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For those who only have medications twice a day  — these are for you. Be that morning and afternoon or evening, they will be next to your bed ready for you and easily taken in your bag for compact travelling.

These medication containers come with transparent lids to help make it easier to quickly and briefly see what was inside, or if a medication has been taken. Each medication compartment has its own lid and each of them has a lip to help make it easier to open, and each lid also clicks into place independently of the others to help ensure that a compartment won’t open up or drop meds out when you don’t want that!  

This is our JUMBO option, for those who are on a number of medications morning and evening. All of the AM doses are on one side, while all of the PM doses are on the other side for each use and viewing. This makes taking many medications easier to view and see what and also when meds have been taken. 

This JUMBO medication container can hold up to 45 tablets for each dose of medications, or a number of various sized pills, capsules, and fish oil sized tablets. The size of these compartments are more than ample enough to hold your nutritional supplements, and can hold many medications for those on significant doses.

Please Note: This listing is for our JUMBO container option. We do also have another listing for those of you on many fewer number of medications than this one may hold, and that is called our “SMALL” size.

Note on capacity: Each individual medication compartment can hold approximately the following amounts: 16 fish oil sized capsules OR 45 tablets. 

Details: LARGE / JUMBO 

Material: PP Plastic 

Size: 25.4cm (L) x 7cm (W) x 5.5cm (D)

Weight:  195 grams 

Package Includes: 1x Medication Box 


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