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Adhesive Ruler for Crafts

Adhesive Ruler for Crafts

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An adhesive ruler for all of your measuring needs! Perfect for your sewing room, as you are able to lay and stick it down in your workroom as an in place ruler for all your cutting, sewing + measuring needs! 

This good quality and durable ruler with both meters and imperial measurements and is sure to become indispensable to your crafting needs. Especially as we have both left to right and right to left reading rulers. Putting the choice and control in your hands, because one size or style doesn’t always just suit all people… 

What works best for you? The choice is yours! 

(Please note: Not all rulers currently show in all the photos. The ruler you order will be the correct one.)


Material: Adhesive Paper (Waterproof) .

Size: 90cm (L) x 2.8cm (W) 

Weight: Less than 1 gram 

Package Contains: 1x Adhesive Ruler 



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