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Adjustable Bottle Holder

Adjustable Bottle Holder

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A water bottle holder for your mobility device that is low profile, compact, and light weight. 

Once it’s attached, you just slip your bottle into place, pull the velcro strap tight, and confidently head off on your day knowing that your water bottle is close at hand and securely held in place, even in rough terrain. It holds a range of bottle sizes in diameter, allowing you the freedom to use the bottle that works for you. 

This water bottle holder with its set of screws pairs brilliantly with our mobility aid bracket, so that you can screw it directly into the mobility bracket, and then use the adjustable silicone straps to connect it place directly to your mobility device without the need to screw directly into your mobility device itself. 


Material: ABS Plastic + Velcro + Screw Set 

Size: 14cm x 10cm x 6cm 

Weight: 33 grams 

Maximum Load: 1.5kg 

Water Bottle Diameter size: Approx 6cm — 9.5cm 

Package includes: 1x Bottle holder, velcro, 2 screws 



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