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Cable Cover Cord For Carpet

Cable Cover Cord For Carpet

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Sometimes running a cord over the carpet is the only east or viable option to bring power to where you need it, such as to the couch that sits in the middle of the room. While power might be necessary, it can pose some aesthetic and health and safety concerns. A cord laying on the ground can be easily tripped over or can become inadvertently caught in the wheels of a mobility device that is being used in the house. 

This cable cord cover has been designed to cover these cords and make it easier and safer to navigate over. Not only does it hide the cord aesthetically, it also secures it to the carpet to ensure that it is covered and won’t get caught under your foot, or inside a wheel of any mobility device travelling over it.

Note: These come in lengths of between 1 - 5 meters. Custom lengths can be ordered if you enquire with us before placing your order. This specific cover has been designed for cables over carpet, but have some coming shortly for concrete, and wooden floors. If you would like this option, please send us a message.



Material: Polyester, Velcro  

Size100cm (L) x 9 cm (W) 

Weight: 31 grams 

Package includes: 1x Cable Cover for Carpet 

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