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Reusable Safety Wrist Band

Reusable Safety Wrist Band

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Safety bracelets are the best thing since sliced bread for kids - especially those who are quick on their feet to run off or get lost. Settle your panic or anxiety by getting one of our reusable bracelets for your loved one that can hold immediate contact details for when your child or young person gets seperate from you while you are out and about, and peace of mind that you can be quickly and easily contacted, and that another adult will be able to make contact with you! 

These bracelets also work well for people with autism, learning disabilities, Down Syndrome, people with anxieties or panic in public, people with acute head or brain injuries, as well as those who are getting older and maybe wander or get lost out and about, and can’t remember who to contact or the number to call.


Adjustable size for various wrist sizes, easy to cut down if you need to, or keep it at its full length. These bracelets will fit 7.7cm up to 19.5cm long. The button on the wrist band where the clip is makes it easy and quick to adjust as needed, or as a child grows up too. They are easy to pop on and take off with the snap of the clip for the person putting it on. But the smart buckle by design requires a two hand grip open which means it is not easily removed by the person wearing it, and this is by design to help offer security and peace of mind that it won’t be taken off/removed. 

Made of 100% tough and waterproof PVC. They are durable, easy to wipe down, and hard to tear off or break. Once dried writing will stay in place and these can be easily reused over and over again as you need to, and can give quick access to those who find or are first responders to locate and contact you ASAP. 


Material: waterproof PVC with plastic safety clip 

Size: 19.5cm x 2cm (fully adjustable with safety clip)

Weight: 3 grams 

Package includes: 1x identification safety bracelet 

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