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Angled shower brush extended

Angled shower brush extended

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Our fabulous long handle shower brushes allows you to independently reach your body parts for showering that aren’t always easy to reach. Use this brush to wash your upper, lower and middle back, your arms, legs, feet, and between yours toes. This brush can also be used to gently clean intimate body parts too. 

The brush has been designed with an easy to grip handle and ergonomic shape. It also has a wrist cord that you can slip your hand through (with a toggle to adjust the length of the loop to suit you), that allows you to tether it to your wrist so that if you drop it, it stays in easy reach without hitting the floor of the shower which could make it difficult to pick up again. 


The brush head has been made with a fine mesh which offers a gentle mild exfoliation to remove old skin debris and feel more squeeky clean. It has also been designed with a detachable handle to make it easier for more up close body washing without the long handle possibly getting in your way as well. 

Note: This brush can be used on wet and dry skin. For showering wet, or as an exfoliating when it’s used dry. 

Cleaning: To maintain and extend the life of your brush, please rinse it with water or mild soap and air dry after every use. If you allow it to dry and don’t leave it in water or remain wet over prolonged lengths of time, you will extend the life of your shower brush. 



Material: ABS, TRP 

Size: 39cm (L) 

Weight: 110 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Long Handle Shower Brush 

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