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Ankle Support Brace

Ankle Support Brace

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Protect and support your ankle with this light weight ankle brace. Made with light weight, comfortable and soft fabric that won’t interfere with the bulk around your ankle or wearing your shoes. This brace will help to hold and support your ankle and can help to reduce the risk of injury, providing proprioception feedback.

This brace wraps your ankle in a double layer of gentle protection, reenforced for tighter wrap around the ankle and three sided ankle support to help with providing more comprehensive support and stability.

Please Note: Reenforcement tape colour may vary.  


Material: Polyester 

SizeTo fit foot length sizes as below… 

Small: 22cm — 24cm (foot length) / under 20cm (ankle circumference) / Shoe: 34-36 

Medium: 24.5cm — 25.5cm (foot length) / 20cm-23cm (ankle circumference) / Shoe: 37-39 

Large: 26.5cm — 27.5cm (foot length) / 23-25cm (ankle circumference) / Shoe: 40-42 

X Large: 28cm — 29.5cm (foot length) /  25-27cm (ankle circumference) / Shoe: 43-46 

Weight: 65 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Ankle Brace 

How to use: Open the brace and lay it flat. Place your foot over the strap area. Start by wrapping the wider side up and around your ankle. Next bring the straps around sides of your ankle. Supports Eversion or Inversion of the ankle. (*See pictures for reference). 

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