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Armpit Sweat Pads — no more sweat patches

Armpit Sweat Pads — no more sweat patches

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If sweaty armpits or wet patches under the arms of your clothes have been something you have long had to try to navigate and deal with, then we have a product that may help you navigate it that much more easily. We can’t promise miracles around here, but we can promise more options to help you navigate this. 

These armpit pads will stick onto the inside of any t-shirt, shirt, or jumper that you wear against your skin to help absorb any excess sweat and reduce any chances of it from coming through into your clothing. You can also use these to extend the duration of wear out of your clothing if you find you get extra smelly pits. You just place a pad on the inside lining of your tshirt, and can change them as you then see best fit. 

How to use? Simply peel the backing paper of your underarm liner, and place it carefully on the inside of your tshirt or top against and under the arm crease of your shirt that directly connects with your armpits. The pads are sold in a set of 2 pads per individual unit so that you have one pad for under each of your arms. When you feel you need to change it, remove it from your top and place another pad back in its place. 

These pads can be used on a regular basis, or as a once off for special events where you want to know you have back up for your peace of mind and security. 

It’s also a great way to stay dry and cool in the heat without having to change your clothing, and are so thin, lightweight and discrete that no one else would ever know that you are wearing them! (Not that there is a problem if they did — there is zero shame here!!!)

Suitable for all genders and ages.  


Material: Non Woven Fabric 

Size: 11.5cm (Full Length) x 7cm (inner width) 

Weight: 3.5 grams per set (7 grams for 2 sets) 

Package includes: 2x sets of pads (4 pads total) 

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