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Armrest Organiser

Armrest Organiser

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Keep your lounge clean, tidy and organised with this armrest and couch storage organiser. Finally a way to keep all of your favourite things in close proximity to you, and a place to return them to so you’ll always know where to go to find your relaxing necessities. 

These can be used on an armrest, lazy boy, a bed, in the office or travel with you when you’re staying away from home or in a hotel room. It can also be used for mobility devices to give you easy access to the things that you may want in easy reach and for easy access. 

This can be used for: remote controls for the TV, air conditioner, and heat pump, for your mobile phone, your lazy boy couch remote if you have one, as well as the home phone, or reading glasses, your knitting, cross stitch or other lap based crafts. This is also a great option with pockets to store a favourite book, magazine, newspaper, tablet, kindle, small laptop or puzzle books to keep the mind active. You can also use it to store some pre-packaged snacks, or even some emergency PRN medications, or other items. 

These are especially useful if the person on the couch is not able to mobilise or get up easily for themselves. 

The caddy is made of a strong and durable material pop and looks smart, as well as works effectively. Finally a way to store your items without the clutter! 



These have been an effective option for those with disabilities, and brittle health or complex medical needs to store quick reference documents for those who support someone with brittle or complex health, and need to make health decisions following protocol. They can be used to keep and store notes, or as a way of storing quick emergency rescue meds nearby. 


Material: Cotton, Pongee, Cloth  

Size: 83m (L) x 33cm (W) 

Pocket: 22cm (L) x 17cm, 18cm, 19cm, and 20cm (W) 

Weight: 170 grams 

Package includes: 1x couch pocket organiser


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