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Reusable Baking Sheets

Reusable Baking Sheets

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These multi-use easy roll up, carbon fibre sheets are a lifesaver, and game changer! To be used for baking sheets, for ironing (no risk of burning your clothes), and for melted or messy crafts and play! They eco-friendly, easy + convenient to use, and a fantastic investment for our environment — and your wallet!! 

How often do you find yourself reaching for the rolls of baking paper from the supermarket? You promise yourself you’ll reuse each piece, but they don’t always last well, and used a few times start to brown and rip. It’s futile. Paper just isn’t a great mid term investment.

These carbon fibre coasted fabric baking sheets are a great alternative to stand the test of time. The sheets easily wipe down, even from the messiest mess, and they can be used for a wide variety of uses — such as:

1. A baking as a tray liner, to make easy clean up for your pans! Simply lift the baking sheet out, and wash it under the tap with a cloth. Your baking dish itself should be clean enough to just give it a quick wipe out and then pop it away — no more heavy scrubbing!

2.  For your frying pan or sandwich press maker! Cut the sheets to the size you need. In the frying pan it may help you with turning over your grilled cheese, or even in the pancake making process. Cut to size for your sandwich press to make an easy clean up!

3. For all of your ironing needs! These carbon fibre sheets allow you the assurance that what you are ironing won’t burn! Bonus is that it also allows you to safely iron mixed material sewing pieces you make!  

4. For the kids! Pop them under your kids at the kitchen table, or for their messy crafts. Glue and paint are no trouble for these sheets. Just wash off after! 

5. Melted crafts! Melting crayons or art works? Yep! These will help you create that master piece too! 

Note: To clean soak the sheet in some water, clean with a soft brush, and then leave air dry completely. 


Material: coated fibre glass fabric 

Size: 40cm (L) x 30cm (W) x 0.8mm (H)

Tempreture range: from frozen to scalding. 

Weight: 17 grams 

Package includes: 1x baking sheet 




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