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Leak Proof Beverage Can Cap Lid

Leak Proof Beverage Can Cap Lid

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Keep your drinks safe and covered from bugs and dust, keeping your drink fresher for longer. These are also a great option while at a party to make sure that you are in control of your drink, and nothing is quietly added or dropped in while you’re enjoying your time! 

These work great for those using mobility devices or who might be a bit shakey in their arms and legs, as the cap and lid will secure the drink from being able to slush over the sides and over you — this makes it easier to carry as a wheelchair user with it between your knees, or being used in a cup holder to stop it from spilling or slushing around over the sides too. This is the same for bike riders and those using public transport or electric scooters to navigate town . It can also help people with motor control issues for the ability to sip easier from a capped screw lid bottle too. 

These are genuinely leak proof from spilling when kept mostly upright. If they can if dropped while the lid is on, we have had no leak or liquid everywhere. This is dependant on how it hits the ground, but it can hold its own, giving more security and peace of mind.

As a side note: They really work well as a way to portion smaller amounts from a can of fizzy drink for kids to limit drinking a whole can at once. It has also worked well for those with gut issues or those who only tolerate or only chose to have smaller amounts.



Material: PE Plastic 

Size: 6cm x 5cm 

Weight: 13.2 grams each 

Package includes: Fizzy Drink Can Topper Lid 

Disclaimer: While this is very stable solid product, we do not endorse or recommended that you ever put it on its side, or put this in your bag or backpack at all. It is not recommended, nor how the item was intended to be used.  

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