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Bowl Covers

Bowl Covers

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Fantastic as a reusable bowl cover, these bowl covers are multipurpose and can fit a wide variety of bowl sizes (up to 15cm in diameter). These will create an airlock seal that will help make it easier to easily organise and pop your foods in the fridge in a bowl. 

Great for the fridge - no more plastic wrap needed. 

How to use: Simply place this lid on your bowl, plate, pot, or container then gently press on it to create an airtight leak-proof seal. To remove the lid, gently lift the lid to release the seal and take it off completely. Can be reused over and over. Dishwasher safe. 



Material: Silicone, PP Plastic 

Size: 16cm (diameter) 

Weight: 25 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Lid Cover 

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