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Breast Drainage Pouch - Shower Bag

Breast Drainage Pouch - Shower Bag

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Introducing our breast drainage bag covers, providing a non-medicalised and user-friendly solution for holding drains after a mastectomy. These covers offer versatile ways to wear them, either around your hips, waist, arm, or neck, ensuring convenient portability.

These covers keep your drainage safe, preventing any tangles and leaks. Adjustable elastic straps guarantee a snug fit, while the soft material ensures comfort and reduced skin irritation. The mesh material makes it wearable in the shower, being both fast and quick dry. 

Discreetly handle heavy liquid loads with these cover, while prioritising hygiene, security, privacy, dignity and empowerment in your post surgery recovery. Not only do these covers securely hold your drainage, but they will help prevent pulling or catching on anything, and can also effectively contain potential leakage too.

How to use: Wear the bag, or place the bag next to you, hang it on your bed, or attach it to a wheelchair, allowing freedom of movement during your recovery.


Material: Cloth 

Size: Please see below… 

Each Individual Pocket: 14.5cm (L) x 12cm (W) 

Waist Band: up to 107cm (Diameter) 

Weight: 50 grams 

Package Contains1 x Breast Drainage Bag

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