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Can Carrier and Holder

Can Carrier and Holder

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Introducing our summer essential: the ultimate can carrier designed for convenience and ease!

Say goodbye to juggling multiple cans at picnics or awkwardly clutching them against your chest. Our can carrier keeps your beverages neatly together in an easy-to-carry manner, allowing you to transport them effortlessly.

Perfect for any summer outing, this carrier is a game-changer in accessibility. No more struggles with carrying your favorite drinks! It's designed to offer a hassle-free solution for heading to friends' gatherings or picnics without the worry of dropping cans.

Mix and match your preferred beverages effortlessly, as our carrier holds your cans securely in a convenient and portable way. Enjoy the freedom to bring various drinks while keeping them all together and easily accessible.

Upgrade your summer experience with our can carrier, making transporting your favorite drinks a breeze for any occasion—whether it's a picnic in the park or a gathering with friends!



Material: Plastic

Size: Please see below… 

4x Cans

6x Cans

Weight: 55 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Can Carrier 

How to use: To connect the cans to the holder, just press the lid down on top of the can and snap it into place. When you want to remove it, simply hold and use the pull tab, and pull the can away at an angle. 

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