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Car Head Strap Support

Car Head Strap Support

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These fantastic head bands help to support a child’s head while they're in the car to prevent their head from dropping forward when they're asleep. Also available in a range of fun patterns and designs.

These bands have also been used to help support children and young people who have accompanying struggles with muscle strength and/or nerve injuries. These bands can help support a young person to hold their head up to focus on a movie, talk with friends, or otherwise engage with things happening around them.

These have also been used by adults, for those in a wheelchair, and who are working to regain neck and muscle strength - especially after a neurological or spinal injury. They have been used for those with neck pain, and those with Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, and instability in the neck. But they must be used with caution, and with the direction of your medical team. 

Note: We don’t recommend these being used while driving if your child if facing forward, and advise they be used with caution while a vehicle is moving. We also recommend you seek the advice of your medical team or Dr if you want to use these more regularly. 



Material: Cotton, Nylon, Plastic

Size: Please see below for details… 

Cotton Head Strap: up to 27 (L) x 8cm (W) 

Elastic Strap: extends to 70cm (L) 

Circumference: 54cm — 93cm 

Weight: 40 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Car Seat Head Strap 


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