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Cards — ‘No Parking Zone’

Cards — ‘No Parking Zone’

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Introducing our "Warning: No Parking Zone" cards, sold in packs of 10. These durable cards clearly communicate parking restrictions, ideal for businesses, property owners, and event organizers. Ensure compliance and safety with bold, weather-resistant cards. Keep order with ease – order now!

A great way to communicate easily why someone has not parked in the appropriate places, you are able to tick the option that they have violated from below: 

➡️ Parked over the painted line 

➡️ parked too close to another car 

➡️ Blocking a bus zone 

➡️ Blocking tactile paving 

➡️ Blocking the fire exists 

➡️ Blocking the side walks 

➡️ Parked in a private parking area 

➡️ Parked in a ‘no parking’ zone 

➡️ Handicap spot with no permit 

➡️ Taking more than one space 

➡️ Parking on the curb / grass 

➡️ Other… 

Be kind, but let people know why their parking has been inconsiderate to others and they can do better. 


Material: Card

Size: 9cm x 5.4cm 

Weight: 15 grams 

Package Contains: 1 set of 10x parking cards 

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