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Catapulting Samurai

Catapulting Samurai

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Catapulting Samurai!

Life is too short to not be silly and have some fun - whether you can move and run around or have limited hand movement - these catapulting chickens are fun for everyone. Exercise your brain, and improve your hand-eye coordination.

These Catapulting Samurai have provided many memories in our own household and within the hospital. Use them in the home, office, school, hospital, or workplace. They are great for both kids or adults alike! Aim them at a target and go! 



Material: Thermoplastic Rubber

Size: 6.6cm (L) x 2.5cm (W)

Weight: 5 grams each 

Package includes: Chosen Set 

How to use: Simply place one finger inside the loop where the Samurai’s arms join, and with the other hand pull back on it’s torso. Keep the finger in its arm loop steady. Aim where you want to send it flying, then release the hand that is in its torso to send it flying away! You can also draw back holding its legs if it is easier for you! For more instruction / step by step, please see our video.

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