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Clothes & Syringes Dryer Racks

Clothes & Syringes Dryer Racks

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Drying baskets are the best thing since sliced bread! For use with your medical in drying syringes + caps, & for babies drying dummies, toys and their clothing. For drying out your collected pebbles, shells, small toys, and a wide variety of your crafting needs. These are also great for drying your delicate clothing items! 

We supply these in a variety of sizes to help meet your own specific drying needs, and use a number of them in our own daily life at home. 

Note: We first started providing these after finding them as an effective answer to being able to safely and easily wash, sterilise and dry bulk amounts of syringes, plungers, caps and adapters all at once and being able to easily air dry them while hanging out of the way, helped make it an easier and faster process! 



Material: Nylon (netting), wire, plastic hanging hook

Size: see below for specifics on each size… 

Weight: see below for specifics on each size... 

Package includes: 1x drying basket per ordered 


Specific measurements for each size are

Small20cm (W) x 12cm (H) x 30cm (L) x 45 grams

Medium48cm (W) x 12 cm (H) x 30cm (L) x 80 grams

Large: 60cm (W)  x 11cm (H) x 50cm (L) x 76 grams 

Small Double Layer: 50cm (W) x 13cm (H) x 80cm (L) x 100 grams 

Large Double Layer:  60cm (W) x 11cm (H) x 80cm (L)  x 210 grams

Weight: ranges between 45 - 80 grams 

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