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Clothes Folding Board

Clothes Folding Board

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Do you have a hard time folding your clothes neatly, or just how you want them? Are you teaching your kids to fold but they are having a bit of a hard time…? These boards have been a game changer in our own world, and we want to provide them for you all as well!

Suitable for all types of clothing — shirts, t-shirts, skirts, sweater, pants, children's clothing and more! And suitable to use in the home, office, school, and for easy quick use in factories and retails stores. 

It has a ring hole at the top for easy hanging and storage — easy to use, convenient to hang and store! 

Instructions for use are engrained in the board itself. Also available in other colours, please enquire or ask. 


Material: PP plastic 

Size: 31cm (L) x 26cm (W) x 1mm (H)

Weight: 50 grams   

Package includes: 1x Clothes Folding Board 

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