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Coloured Acupuncture Pressure and Sensory Relief Ring

Coloured Acupuncture Pressure and Sensory Relief Ring

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Our sensory-friendly coloured acupressure massage rings are here and ready for your enjoyment! A fantastic way to navigate and help to relieve built-up stress, tension, anxiety, and fidgeting. Made from stainless steel with an anodized coating, it is safe for kids and adults alike. A practical way of diverting nail biting, skin picking, knuckle cracking, pen flicking, and other distracting  fidgeting behaviours.

Giving someone one of our acupoint massage rings will help divert distracting, harmful, or less appealing fidgets into more positive and empowering ones! 

The rings offers a smooth flat surface, perfect for easily rolling the ring up and down your fingers, and passing it across your various fingers on both hands. Feel the relief with one of these rings and enjoy the gentle stimulating sensory experience it gives you. 

Benefits of the rings include: 

— improved mood, reduced anxiety and overwhelm

—  improve focus and attention, calm your mood 

— unlike other sensory toys, these are discrete and can be worn anywhere without anyone else knowing 

— reduces distracting or harmful fidgeting 

— can help someone divert away from self harm by pressing and rolling the bracelet or ring on the hand 

— Hukou Acupoint, which in China is very important to the body. Daily massage on the point can help the body enhance its resistance for migraines and headaches, neuralgia, tinnitus, toothache, insomnia and more. Read up on Hukou Acupoint for more info. 

— drug-free, fast working and easy to use 

— can be discretely used anywhere you may need it. 

—  An award-winning recommended product. 

Note: It is not suggested for use during pregnancy. 


Material: Stainless Steel 

Size: approx 3cm (outer diameter) x 9mm (inner diameter) x 1.5 gram 


Weight: 1.5-2 grams each 

Package Contains: 1x Coloured Sensory Ring 


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