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Compression Gloves

Compression Gloves

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Our fingerless compression gloves are a great tool to supporting your hands and fingers. They gloves have been designed to offer you a mild compression which helps to relieve pain, swelling and inflammation, and supports better overall blood flow. This keeps the hands warmer and allows you more overall function.

The gloves come with grip dots that help support you to hold and grip things easier, and allow the opening of jars, bottle lids with more ease as well as support a reduced need for strong hand grip for holding a cup. 

These gloves are also great for those who are active on the computer, supporting your joints, and aiding in warmth and blood flow, and overall hand comfort. 

These gloves are beneficial for: 

These gloves work for many, especially those with arthritis and inflammation in the hands. They will also help to keep your hands warm in cooler months for those with Raynauds Syndrome, and offer gentle biofeedback + support for those with overly flexible fingers and joints, in things such as Ehlers Danlos Syndrome. They can help for those with Carpel Tunnel Syndrome and those with Overuse Syndrome.  They will also help with and support the biofeedback loop for supporting better overall proprioception. 

They are a lot of big words to basically say, these gloves are great, supporting a wide range of uses and covering a variety of ailments and impairments to help improve and enhance your overall QOL when it comes to managing pain and inflammation in your hands.

How to they help? 

The gloves offer a mild compression to support pain, swelling, inflammation, injury, and support better blood flow. They support the joints and help to relieve stiff and sore muscles and joints. They can help to support better and increased blood flow in the hands. 

The gloves are made of an elastic cotton material that is stretchy. They breathe absorb and wick sweat away from the skin, and support skin integrity and health.  


Material: Elastic 

Size: 11cm (L)

Wrist: 8-9.5cm (W)  

Hand: 7 - 10.5cm (W) 

Finger: 3cm, 4cm 4.5cm, 4cm (L) + thumb 5cm (L) 

Weight: 22 grams 

Package includes: 1x Set of Compression Gloves

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