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Continence — Kids Pull Up

Continence — Kids Pull Up

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Looking to begin toilet training with your toddler? These reusable training pants, available in a variety of fun colors and designs, are the perfect choice. They're not only cute but also eco-friendly.

Crafted from natural, breathable, and durable cotton, these pants are soft to the touch, ensuring a comfortable fit. With six layers of fabric, they allow your child to feel that they are wet, while being absorbent enough to give your child time to get to the toilet. The additional layer of TPU, helps keep leakage contained within the underwear as much as possible.  

These pants offer feedback to help your child recognize accidents while maintaining absorbency. After use, switch to a clean pair and machine wash the soiled ones with your regular laundry. To enhance overnight protection, consider adding additional liners to the training pants for extra overnight absorbency.

Note: Recommended you have at least 10 pairs of training underwear when you start with toilet training. 


Material: cotton, TPU waterproof layer 

Size: 3 sizes: less than 10kg, 9–13kg, 13–20kg 

Weight: 35 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Pair of Training Underwear 


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