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Pin — ‘I can do hard things’

Pin — ‘I can do hard things’

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Pins are for collecting, encouraging, reminding us of the truths and values, bringing joy and laughter, gives something to talk about with a friend, and they also make great gifts! Plus pin trading is always fun #win!

Embrace your inner strength and resilience with our vibrant "I Can Do Hard Things" enamel pin. This eye-catching pin features a colorful design with the motivational phrase "I Can Do Hard Things" prominently displayed. Surrounded by whimsical floral elements, this pin is perfect for adding a pop of inspiration to your outfit, bag, or pin collection.

Whether you're facing a challenging day or just need a little reminder of your capabilities, this pin serves as a powerful affirmation that you can overcome any obstacle. Gift it to a friend or keep it for yourself as a daily boost of confidence and encouragement.

Image Description: The pin is square-shaped with scalloped edges and features the phrase "I Can Do Hard Things" in bold, colourful letters. The words are arranged in three lines, with "I CAN" at the top, "DO" in the middle, and "HARD THINGS" at the bottom. Surrounding the text are small, decorative elements including leaves and flowers. The background of the pin is a soft pastel pink, and the outlines of the design are in black, making the vibrant colours stand out. 


Material: Zinc Alloy 
Size: 3cm x 3cm 
Weight: 8 grams 
Package Includes: 1x pin
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