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Crafts — Pacifer Clips

Crafts — Pacifer Clips

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You guys asked, and we delivered. If you have been looking for a clip for your crafting needs, look no further than these fun and cute pacifer clips for a wide range of your crafting and easy quick clip needs. 

These clips are a fantastic clip for babies needs when you want to secure and attach a beloved toy or home made dummy necklace or chain, but they are also an effective solution for those who may live with medical adaptions such as those with feeding tubes, IV’s or oxygen tubes to keep them clipped nicely to your clothes or a bag, and to help keep tubing nicely together, out of the way, and reduce chances of the tubing being caught, pulled, tugged, or tripped over.  

These clips are a durable, robust, and easy to use. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 4cm (L) x 1cm (W)  

Weight: 4 grams each 

Package includes: Number of clips ordered 

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