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Insulin Pump Cover

Insulin Pump Cover

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By popular request, we have our range of fun hand made and sewn insulin pump covers that have been designed to be able to adapt with your needs, and change on the whim to work with your outfit, activity and lifestyle. Because no one should be held back by the medical equipment put in place to offer you QOL! 

Our insulin pump covers will attach to the front and side or your bra, crop, or sports top. They will attach to your belt loops, or your belt itself. It also has a loop that allows you to wear it around your chest or waist, as well as slip it into your pocket, or a purse with you. This product also has the capability for customisation.

Note: This product is currently in design and testing. Please sign up for more information to be kept in the loop around when this product goes live online. In the meantime, if you would like to test and try one of our prototypes and offer feedback, please send an email! 


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