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AirPod Ear Holders

AirPod Ear Holders

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The AirPod ear holders are a fabulous and compact accessory designed to keep your earpods securely in place, reducing the risk of losing them!

These holders offer a snug fit around your AirPods, ensuring they stay comfortably secured to your ears during various activities. Enjoy the freedom to move without the worry of your earpods slipping out, whether you're exercising or on-the-go.

Stay worry-free and keep your valuable AirPods securely attached with our compact and practical ear holders—perfect for enhancing your AirPod experience!



Material: Silicone 

Size: 3cm (W) x 5cm (L) 

Weight: 15 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Pair of AirPod Ear Horders 

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