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Easy On Easy Off Shoe Horn

Easy On Easy Off Shoe Horn

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Do you have trouble putting on your shoes? Do you ever find that the back of your shoes will try and roll or fold down when you go to pop your feet in them? Do you like being able to quickly and more easily slide your feet into your shoes with a little bit of extra help?

These shoe horns have an ergonomic design and are ideal for those who have difficulty getting their shoes on easily. To help with this, they are precisely curved by design to help ensure that your shoes won’t bend or slide up when you pop them on, and that you have grip from both sides of the back of your shoes. This also makes it possible to pick your shoes up with the shoehorn — meaning that you put them on in the best way and position that works for you, not just having to put your shoes on the ground as the only option. 

These are made to fit all shoes sizes, and will fit both all adults shoes, and children depending on shoe size.

With smooth edges, and curves in all the right places, these are made for making getting shoes on and off a whole lot more easily and more comfortable as well!

Available in various colours. Pick your favourite now.  


Material: PP — durable high quality plastic 

Size: 16cm (L) x 5cm (W) x 0.3cm (D) 

Weight: 16 grams 

Package includes: 1x shoe horn of chosen colour. 

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