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Elastic Lanyard (Mask/Glasses)

Elastic Lanyard (Mask/Glasses)

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These elastic lanyard straps are fantastic to ensure and keep your glasses safe as you go about your day and will prevent them from falling to the ground and from being scratched along the way if they are knocked off your head by chance at any point in time. Using these elastic lanyards can make it easier to hang your glasses around your neck with confidence as you need to take them on and off, making it a lot more convenient to do so. The toggle on these can also help to secure your glasses more firmly against your head, offering comfort and peace of mind that you’ve done all you can to look after + protect them. This helps a lot for any outdoor sports and activities, being on the water, or windy day as you go about life. 


Use these elastic lanyards are a fantastic way to keep your mask in quick and easy reach at all times. Wear it on your face and keep on on you in quick access around your neck between brief moments of having it on and off and on you at all times. This will also allow you to more securely attach the mask to your face by pulling the toggle in until it’s secure. This will create an alternative to keeping it looped behind sore ears. 

Available in a range of fun colours (as stocks last).  


Material: Elastic

Size: 32cm (L) x  0.2cm (W) 

Weight: 15 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Elastic Glasses + Mask Strap

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