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Experience — 3D Butterflies

Experience — 3D Butterflies

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Introducing the Magical 3D Flying Butterfly! 

These butterfly’s will enchant everyone who sees them. Folding flat, these will pack into a card, book, envelope, and other secret hiding spaces. Laid flat, they are still. But wind them up before placing them into a book, card, letter, box, or other item, and when that item is opened up - the butterfly’s will come to life, all fluttering away in a beautiful array of colours! 

How it works: Hold the butterfly's tail still with one hand, and give its head a little twist with your other hand. You can turn it up to 40 times for a good fly. Without letting it unwind, place it into your chosen object. When the object is opened the elastic will unravel and as it does, watch your butterfly “come to life”. It will happily fly away. It can be reused many times over, for hours of enjoyment and fun to be had.



Size: 13.5cm x 11cm 

Weight: 3 grams 

Package Contains: 1x 3D Butterfly 

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