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False nail mold / tubing clip

False nail mold / tubing clip

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Hold your fake nails in place while the glue dries with these nail clips, without having to try and hold the pressure through your fingers yourself as they set. 

The curved groves in the clip will help hold the nail in place and sign the internal arc and curve, they will hold the nail in place as it dries comfortably, without being easily bumped out of place, or with leaving any imprints and pressure marks on your fingers after too.

Available in clear designs. Comes with 5 clips per set to allow you to fix one hands nails in place at a time, or do them one finger at a time sharing with friends. 


Material: Plastic 

Size: 3cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 3.5cm (D) 

Weight: 5 grams each (25 grams total) 

Package includes: 1x set of clips (5x clips total) 

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