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Fidget — Hand Roller

Fidget — Hand Roller

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The Fidget Hand Roller is a fantastic, discreet and soothing tool for your sensory and fidgeting needs. Whether you're feeling anxious, overwhelmed, have sensory overload, or need a distraction from the pain, the rhythmic movement of the hand roller can help you refocus and calm your mind, and keep your hands busy so you can focus better on what you are trying to do or wanting to achieve.

These are great for anyone who: 

— wants a discrete and quiet fidget tool to use 

— wants to reduce nail biting, or skin picking 

— gets sensory overloaded/overwhelmed at times 

— needs to keep their hands moving to be able to concentrate or stay engaged with classroom learning 

— likes to click their pen, chew their pencil, etc 

— has Autism, ADHD, or additional sensory needs 

— has anxiety and/or social anxiety in new spaces …

…and so many more uses — for kids and adults alike!

Bonus: It is great as a distraction tool for nail bitting

How it works: It has two interconnected cylinders that you can flip over each other and roll in your hands over and over, in one hand on its own, or with both, it can help to offer quiet and discrete relief, perfect for use in various settings. Portable and effective, it provides instant calming benefits wherever you go.

Image Description: Two cylinders side by side connected top and bottom. Both cylinders can turn on themselves independently of one another, making a very smooth and easy fidget. They are available in range of fun colours as listed available in the variants. 


Material: Metal, case

Size: 8.8cm (L) x 2cm (W) x 4.3cm (H) 

Weight: 200 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Fidget Roller + 1x Case

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