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Dental Floss Aid

Dental Floss Aid

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This dental flosser aid makes it so much easier to be able to floss your teeth. Great for those with dexterity struggles in their hands, muscle weakness, tremors, arthritis, chronic pain, as well as just making it both easier and more convenient, this is great for kids too.

Dental flossing isn’t the easiest thing to do, but this makes it significantly easier, and allows you to have a portable and easy to use on the go flossing method. 

The design of the flossing aid creates an easy and wide enough space to get to all of your teeth with ease, the handle is convenient and easy to hold onto. 

Washable, reusable, available in either green or blue. 


Material: PP Plastic 

Size: 12cm (L) x 3cm (W) 

Weight: 30 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Dental Flosser Aid

How to use: You will need your flossing aid, and dental floss. Draw a length of dental floss out and wrap the end of it a few times around the centre disc. Bring the dental floss up and over the end of the dental floss aid, across the top from one side to the other and back down to the dial again. Wrap the floss around the dial a few times again to keep it tight and taut across the top of the flosser. Floss your teeth using the dental aid. Once you have finished, you can either draw the floss through or remove it from the dental floss aid until you’re ready to floss next time. 

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