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Foot Warmer

Foot Warmer

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Is it just me? Or do your feet get as cold as mine on those wet, miserable or cold days. Getting up for work, your feet sitting at your desk get cold and you just can’t seem to warm them up….? You’re not alone!

Is it just me? Or does keeping your feet warm in your wheelchair seem like a never ending constant battle? Wanting to stay warm, but not wanting a blanket - you revert to various heat packs. But they only go so far when they fall off, are maybe too heavy on your feet, don’t stay warm over long times, or require you to get up to heat them — again and again? You’re not alone!

If you have circulation issues, or you are sitting down with your feet also down a lot, you’ll know that staying warm in your extremities isn’t always the easiest thing to do or manage. Add to that, if you have a diagnosis such as Raynaud Phenomenon, Dysautonomia, CRPS, Arthritis, Lupus, Cancer, Diabetes, Ehlers Danlos Syndrome, Multiple Sclerosis, or any other number of conditions such as have had a spinal injury or are a wheelchair user — it can make keeping warm not just nice, but essential and critical for your overall health. 

The bonus with this is that you can plug it in with a USB cable and stay warm and toasty wherever you are. Whether that is at the desk as you work (who loves nothing better than a toasty double slipper?) or you use a wheelchair (bonus! You keep your feet toasty anywhere you go using a USB on your chair if you have one, or a power bank tucked in somewhere).

The double foot slipper has a large zip pocket to keep the cable tucked away when not in use - and when it is needed, it’s easy to access and fast to heat up (coming up to temperature in 3 minutes Approx). It has been made with premium plush fabrics, is super soft and it won’t scald or burn you (which is also super important for anyone with altered sensations!). 

Pro Tip: It also works great for your hands too!! 


Material: Plush + Heating Element 

Size: 38cm x 28cm x 12cm 

Voltage: 5 V 

Temperature: 50°C-60 °C

Weight:  250 grams 

Package Contains: 1x USB foot warmer 

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