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Forehead Temperature Stickers

Forehead Temperature Stickers

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Fever and temperature reading stickers that measure your temperature without the need for repeatedly manually checking it witj a stick thermometer. Keep a track of fevers easily with the look of the eye to see how high a fever might be. Simple, and painlessly.

These fever care stickers would well for young kids, children, teens, and even adults. Simply peel the adhesive backing paper off, & place on the forehead. 

These stickers have been proven to work and have been repeatedly checked against manual stick thermometers with repeated same values of success.

A really fun and easy way to track temperatures in someone that is sick, and keep an eye on what is going on without having to wak Lle the person up at all. 

The strong adhesive will stay in place, and using an adhesive remover allows them to come away easily when you want to remove it easily, and not before. 

Each sticker is between 4.5cm long and 3cm wide. The black dots will light up with the number of the fever as the fever and temperature increases, going dark again as it settles.


Material: Adhesive, PVC, temperature technology 

Size: all stickers fit maximum of 4.5cm (L) x 3cm (W) 

Weight: Less than 1 gram 

Package includes: Set of fever detection stickers 

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