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Guided Reading Strips Set

Guided Reading Strips Set

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Our guided reading strips make tracking words and sentences easier, and help to block the sentence above and below the one you are currently reading to make it easier to focus, stay on track, and read the sentence without getting mixed up in the other words. Using guided reading strips can help to strengthen your visual tracking skills, block distractions and can help with focus and can help with reading out loud. 

These guided reading strips are a fantastic solution for those with Dyslexia, ADHD, Autism, head or brain injuries, learning impairments, Irlens Syndrome, as well as those with vision impairments, those who are just starting out with reading, and those who can have some difficultly following words and sentences easily.

Available in a variety of colours, which can help to make the words easier to read, and can aid in focus. Pick the colours that suit you and your own eyes, as it’s all individual. These can also come in a full set of each colour. This can be especially beneficial in the classroom, home schooling, preschool, and at home. 

Great for: teachers, learning support, to support and encourage a love of reading by setting a child, young person or adult up for success. Great for use at home in free time reading, for tests, at libraries, in medical facilities, rehabilitation centres, tutoring, and at home. 

Cultivate a love + enjoyment for reading by removing some of the hidden struggles that can be there for some people for reading that we didn't know about!


Material: PVC

Size: 19cm (L) x 3.2cm (L)

Weight: 3 grams 

Package includes: 1x  Reading Strips For Dyslexia



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