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Hearing Aid Anti Loss Lanyard - Red Car

Hearing Aid Anti Loss Lanyard - Red Car

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Hearing Aid Lanyards are a great answer and peace of mind to know that your hearing aids will stay in place, and that if for some reason they don’t, that you won’t lose them. These are great for adults and kids alike.

We have been told that they have been a godsend during covid. As many hearing aid users have found that while we are required to wear masks, that it’s so easy to catch and flick your hearing aids out while you try and just take off your mask. Knowing that you still have them connected to you with a wire means that even if they do fall off, they should still stay on you, and are much less likely to get either lost or damaged.

These also add the extra peace of mind for busy kids on the go and for younger ones who are maybe still adjusting to having their aids in the ears and that extra peace of mind that even if it is flicked out of an ear (or both), it is still extra protection to keep it connected to them while you are out and about in life.

This set is for the red car with a black elastic, and is loved by children. It has also been an option for adults who are car enthusiasts, and/or are young at heart,  working with kids — or want to impress the little ones!

Note: These will work with all BIT (behind the ear) hearing aids, as well as those who have cochlear hearing aids (as the girl pictured in the photos wears). 


Material: Black Elastic and Metal Clip 

Size: Rope Length: 33cm Clip: 4cm (L) x 1cm (D) 

Weight: 9 grams 

Package includes: 1x Hearing Aid Lanyard 

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