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Heel Insoles Pads - Pain Relief

Heel Insoles Pads - Pain Relief

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Protect your heels and prevent blisters with these adhesive heel insoles. These insoles can be added to the back of your shoes to help your shoe fit better if you find that your shoes slip when you are walking in them, or if they are just a wee bit too big for your feet.

These insoles will reduce any chaffing at the back of your heel from a pair of shoes you love to wear, and will help to make your shoes feel overall often more comfortable to wear in general as well. The adhesive insoles are made from a light weight breathable fabric and are available in beige, black and in bright colours.

Note: If you would like to order a bright or run colour for your shoes, please just get in contact with us.  



Material: High Elastic Foam + Cotton Mesh 

Size: 9cm (L) x 4.5cm (H) 

Weight: 5 grams per set 

Package includes: 1x Pair of Heel Insoles 

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