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Human Anatomy Doll

Human Anatomy Doll

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Introducing the Human Anatomy Puzzle for Kids – a fun and educational tool to introduce young learners to the basics of the human body. With removable organ pieces and vibrant colours, this human body anatomy offers a real hands-on learning experience, sparking curiosity and understanding in children.

Image Description: Puzzle is a 3D human body shaped puzzle. On the right hand side, the puzzle shows the skin pulled back to reveal bone structure. The left hand side, it shows the smile and face and skin as we know it. The skin and muscle has been removed from the torso, to allow you to see and remove the organs. They can be removed and placed back with a small pair of tweezers or by hand. These include the leg bones on the righthand side, the bladder, kidneys, small bowel, large bowel, liver, stomach, lungs, and ribs. They snap into the place. 


Material: Plastic



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