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Reusable Indoor Shoe Covers

Reusable Indoor Shoe Covers

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Keep your house and shoes clean with our reusable shoe covers. While these work great for those who just don’t like having to take their shoes off, they become a real are a game changer and a solution to those with disabilities and difficulties walking bare foot, or have great difficulty trying to get shoes on / off easily, quickly, or in a timely manner. Navigate some of those challenges with these easy to slip on shoe covers and still keep the home and whare clean. 

These shoe covers are made with a slip-resistant soles, with the strong grip good for wearing on hard wood floors, as well as lino, tiles and carpets. The shoe covers are reusable and are both hand and machine washable, making it a great and sustainable eco friendly solution over the plastic single use ones. 

Available in two size: 37 - 43 (EU) and 44 - 48 (EU)  

Shoe covers are a great solution for: 

Those who wear leg braces, such as AFO’s, or bracing that requires shoes to be used with them.

— Those who struggle with chronic pain or arthritis in their feet or ankles, and causes pain to be barefoot. 

— Need to stay in shoes while indoors for medical or disability purposes (ie: wounds/dressings) 

— For those with sensory issues to being barefoot. 

— For those who cant get shoes on and off easily. 

— When tradesmen come into your home and are in and out of the house back and forward and it isn’t always easy or practical to put on and remove shoes. 

— To help protect your floors and carpets.

— To protect your shoes from dust or dirt in different environments (such as a building site for example).   



Material: Cloth 

Size: See size details below… 

Small: 30cm (L) x 12.5cm (W) Size37 - 43 (EU)

Large: 33cm (L) x 12cm (W) Size: 44 - 48 (EU) 

Weight:  30 grams 

Package includes: 1x Pair Shoe Covers 

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