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IV Pole Accessories — Balance Weight

IV Pole Accessories — Balance Weight

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Portable and light weight, our ‘Counter Balance Weight’ for travel stands is the perfect accessory for those who require use of an IV pole at home and when travelling. It is also a fantastic addition for anyone who uses a portable travel stand for their photography or lighting production needs.

This lightweight, and easily foldable bag provides up to 3.5kg of counterweight when filled with water, helping ensure your stand is more secure and stable.

Key Features:

➡️ Versatile Use: Suitable for home-based IV care and portable travel stands used in photography and production settings.

➡️ Compact & Portable: Designed to be lightweight and foldable, allowing it to fit easily into your portable travel stand carry bag for convenient transportation.

➡️ Easy to Use: Simply fill the bag with water to add up to 3.5kg of counterweight. When finished, remove the water with a flick of the plug for effortless emptying.

➡️ Reusable and Convenient: Once emptied, the bag is ready to be folded and stored back into the travel bag for future use, making it a hassle-free solution for your counterweight needs.


Image Description: A silver and circular pillow with a circular inner cut out for threading the balance weight onto the pole to sit around the pole and the legs of the stand once it’s been filled with water. There is a large opening plug to fill the item with water to give the stand weighted counter balance that you want for it. 



Material: Waterproof Fabric 

Size: 37cm (diameter - unfolded) 

Weight: 150 grams (3.5kg approx when water filled) 

Package Contains: 1x Balance Weight for travel stand 

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