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Keyring — Leatherette Inhaler Holder (Velcro)

Keyring — Leatherette Inhaler Holder (Velcro)

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This fantastic inhaler keyring is a practical + versatile accessory to help make managing asthma easier by keeping your inhaler readily and easily accessible with you wherever you go. It can be easily attached to your keys, backpack, bag, a zipper, pants belt loops, or other items you carry around with you. This is great to keep with you in your car, for travel, and daily life. It is also a fantastic solution for both kids and adults alike.

Great for: travel, school, work, home, and activities.

These make a fantastic gift for yourself or a friend with asthma to make their inhaler quicker to access. 


Material: PU Leather, Metal 

Size: 3.1cm x 6.4cm 

Weight: 18 grams 

Package Contains: 1x Leatherette Inhaler Cover 

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